It is recommended that air conditioning should be serviced every 2 years to maintain peak performance and efficiency. AC Wizard offer a biannual service to help you look after your AC


From condenser and compressor replacement to a full system rebuild AC Wizard have you covered. 


If you suspect a leak or other fault in your air conditioning system, we will attempt to diagnose the cause and provide you with a competitive quote to affect repairs. £20 minimum call out fee applies


If you own an older car (pre 1993) that is fitted with air conditioning, it would normally require to be recharged with R12 refrigerant. R12 is no longer available in the UK, it is now possible to convert older R12 systems to accept R134a refrigerant


After we have ensured the system is free from leaks we can recharge your system to the manufacturer specification.


We can source, supply and fit a variety of air conditioning components and at a competitive price 

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