Urgent Service Notice

Updated: May 9

*Please note - Our Covid-19 Policy is now no longer in effect, we will still be working with caution*

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and in accordance with the current instructions from both the UK and Scottish Governments, AC Wizard continues to trade on a limited mobile basis. We will observe strict social distancing, PPE and sanitisation measures at all times. To make things easier and safer for our customers, we have introduced remote payment options by either direct bank transfer or secure payment link. We are still available to discuss your requirments on Live chat, Email or by Phone and will look to get you booked in as quickly as possible.

Here at AC Wizard we completely support the decision by both UK and Scottish Governments and we urge everyone to follow the instructions laid out by the authorities. If you are unaware or unclear on the instructions from the Government you can find these below

You are not to leave your homes at all unless in a few situations

1. To get food or medicine and only if strictly necessary

2. For exercise up to once a day (this should be limited to once a day and should not be in groups outside of your household)

3. For work and only if strictly necessary

Click Here to go to the Government website

These measures are for your protection as well as ours and we thank you for your understanding at this time. We are continually assessing the situation and will update our policies accordingly.


We understand that everyone is very worried in the current climate. If you would like more information on COVID-19 we would direct you to the guidance from the NHS, please visit the NHS Scotland Coronavirus page or search "NHS Scotland Coronavirus".