Air Conditioning

Here at AC Wizard, we offer a specialist air conditioning service for cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and plant machinery. Auto air con is a highly specialised area, and even the most skilled mechanics are unaware of the many technical requirements and regulations concerned with air conditioning. Most of the time, a simple recharge is sufficient, but where there are other issues, specialist knowledge is required to find a solution. Air conditioning repairs can be costly and we try to be as competitive as possible with our prices, but cannot guarantee to be the cheapest. What we can guarantee is that the job will be done right and we won't charge you for any unnecessary or fictitious work!

AC Wizard takes safety and the environment very seriously, as such, we leak test every vehicle before putting new gas into the system.   

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The Dangers of a Bad Job

If "repaired" incorrectly AC systems can be extremely dangerous, from re-gassing the system to repairing a leak AC Wizard have a qualified technician that is trained in the correct handling of air conditioning gasses.

so why exactly are poorly repaired air conditioning systems so Dangerous?

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