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A/C Conversion/Retrofitting

AC Wizard now offer Conversion and retrofitting services for a range of vehicles in particular offering conversions for older R12 systems to R134a.

R12 Conversion 

If you own an older car (pre 1993) that is fitted with air conditioning, it would normally require to be recharged with R12 refrigerant. R12 is no longer available in the UK, EU and other territories.

There are "drop in" replacements on the market. However, they are not widely available and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

The alternative is to cost effectively convert existing systems to make them compatible with R134a refrigerant, which is more widely available.


The Process



The process starts with an initial consultation with our air conditioning expert. In this consultation we will discuss costs and any recommendations that we might have 



Next we get the bulk of the work done. at this stage we will replace components to ensure that the system is compatible for the new gas this include components such as expansion valves, receiver dryer desiccant, the hoses may need to be renewed and we may need to install a new compressor


Vacuum leak test

next we hold the system under a prolonged vacuum to ensure that there are both no leaks and no contaminates. this is a vital step as we need to ensure that the system continues to work for a long time after install



This is the final step where we put just the right amount of gas into the newly converted system. We then test the system and update the cars paperwork and apply any applicable safety notices on the vehicle.


Prices vary based on make and model if you are interested get in touch