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R12 to R134a conversions

Due to increased demand, it is now possible to convert older R12 systems to accept R134a refrigerant.

If you own an older car (pre 1993) that is fitted with air conditioning, it would normally require to be recharged with R12 refrigerant. R12 is no longer available in the UK, EU and other territories. There are "drop in" replacements on the market. However, they are not widely available and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.
The alternative is to cost effectively convert existing systems to make them compatible with R134a refrigerant, which is more widely available.

Basic retrofit = the service ports are adapted to receive r134a charging equipment, allowing non pressurised (empty) systems to be fully leak tested and recharged. Where any leak is detected, further work may be required to remedy the fault. Any work carried out for additional repairs will be charged at our standard rates.

Please note: once retrofitted, your system will be pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks. Minor leaks on accessible seals and joints will be repaired if possible. If no leaks are detected, the conversion process continues with the system being vacuumed then recharged with a specialised ester oil and R134a refrigerant. The operation of the system will be checked to ensure it is working properly. Where any issues are identified, the retrofit and diagnostic fees will remain payable. Additional work will not be carried out without your express instructions and will be charged in addition to the retrofit at standard rates. Further repairs are subject to availability of parts.

Prices from: £150
Call: 07869545944
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