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Our ServicesPrices are provided for reference only
Standard A/C Maintenance Service (R134a) - It is recommended that air conditioning should be serviced every 2 years to maintain peak performance and efficiency. £70 This service price is only available when the system has been maintained and regularly serviced by AC Wizard within the 24 month time limit

Standard Plus A/C Service (R134a) - As above, with Atom Ultrasonic A/C Cleaner (removes harmful bacteria,mould and mildew that breed and grow in the ventilation system). Lemon fragrance. £90*

Premium A/C Service (R134a)- Standard Plus A/C service with new pollen filter fitted. £POA**

Atom A/C Cleaner - (removes harmful bacteria, mould and mildew that breed and grow in the ventilation system). Lemon fragrance. £24*

Full Recharge A/C Service (R134a) - If your air conditioning system is completely empty or has very little refrigerant left, our policy is to test for leaks using high pressure oxygen free nitrogen. If we suspect that there is a leak in the system, we will attempt to locate it and where possible, carry out minor repairs with your approval (this may incur additional cost). where it is not possible to affect an immediate repair, we will provide you with a competitive quote for the repair of any leak/s identified at the time of the test. Where no leaks are present and only after a thorough check, we will carry out a full recharge. The price for this may vary depending on the amount of refrigerant required.

Standard Leak Test and Diagnostic (R134a) - If you suspect a leak or other fault in your air conditioning system, we will attempt to diagnose the cause and provide you with a competitive quote to affect repairs. £20 minimum call out fee applies

A/C Condenser replacement - We can usually supply and fit a replacement condenser within a few days. The typical price for this is around £380 and includes a full recharge

A/C Pipe replacement - We can usually source pipes from main dealers within a few days. Prices for these parts can vary significantly as can the cost of fitting. we therefore charge on an hourly basis plus the price of parts and refrigerant recharge. Hourly rate is £60Ph with a minimum time of 2 hours.

A/C Compressor replacement (non seized) - Where a compressor (A/C pump) has failed externally or electrically, we can usually supply and fit a brand new unit from as little as £500

A/C Compressor replacement (seized) - Where a compressor (A/C pump) has failed internally and has seized, it is necessary to chemically flush the entire system to remove metal fragments and prevent them from damaging the new unit. Certain parts of the system cannot be flushed and must be replaced to prevent a repeat failure of the pump. Failure to follow these essential steps will invalidate the manufacturer warranty. Additional parts that require replacement for warranty purposes are: receiver/drier and expansion valve. It may also be advisable to replace the condenser and we recommend fitting a compressor guard. Typical price for this service starts from £900

R12 to R134a Conversion - Older cars fitted with A/C prior to 1992 use a now obsolete and banned refrigerant known as R12 or Freon Gas. As this gas is so harmful to the environment, it is no longer possible to obtain it and is illegal to use it to charge a vehicle A/C system. The cost effective solution is to retrofit the system to accept R134a. Minimum price £150 (subject to system integrity)
*mileage charges and surcharges may apply, please call for details
**variable pricing for non-standard services based on make/model/variant/year, specific parts may be needed and we will require your vehicle registration number to provide an accurate quote. If booking online, please include this information on the booking form
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