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Most people don't give car air conditioning a second thought, until they realise it isn't working. This usually happens in summertime when the weather is warmer. You turn on the A/C and nothing happens. Sure, you might be getting air blowing through the vents, but it's either warm or doesn't feel cold. Car air conditioning should feel ice cold within 1 to 2 minutes of turning the A/C on. If it doesn't, then you need the help of a professional, highly trained and experienced auto air conditioning specialist. AC Wizard Auto Air Conditioning has been servicing, maintaining and repairing car air conditioning systems all over Scotland since 2011. We are experts in diagnosing and resolving air conditioning faults on all makes and models with a 99% success rate. So if you've had enough of dancing tyre fitters, don't trust a bike shop and don't want to pay main dealer prices, give us a call on 07869 545 944 to book your appointment.

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"AC Wizard did a sterling job with my 12 year old car's AC system. They replaced the condenser and did not damage the feeder pipes which all too often can seize on due to the dissimilar metals corrosion effect. (which can lead to hundreds of pounds more in repairs) They threw in a recharging of the AC too! Worth every penny. Professional and flexible."

—  Alexander Richardson

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